Sobol class patrol boat


Sobol class patrol boat

Sea hound for border guards

The Sobol-class patrol boat, also known as Project 12200, is a Russian Coast Guard vessel.

The patrol craft is designed to operate in coastal areas, ports, and other littoral areas, to perform missions like protection of territorial maritime borders, law enforcement, other defense missions, search and rescue, and protection of fisheries.

They are armed with a 14.5 mm MTPU machine gun, SAM systems, and other weapons, they can have additional armament installed if needed.The boats carry a smaller boat to perform missions such as search and rescue and boarding operations.

The boats can reach high speeds, have excellent navigability and maneuverability, and a decent suite of weapons allowing them to perform required missions.

  • Soviet MBT T-72B Ural
  • Inside the frigate Admiral Makarov (Krivak III)