Inside the frigate Admiral Makarov (Krivak III)


Inside the frigate Admiral Makarov (Krivak III)

Floating island with rockets

Admiral Makarov is a third frigate of the Admiral Grigorovich class of the Russian Navy to be based
with the Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol.

On 18 August 2018, Admiral Makarov set sail from the Baltic Sea for the Black Sea and sailed through
the English Channel on 21 August. The frigate’s crew earlier took part in Russia’s Main Naval Parade
in St. Petersburg, inter-fleet drills in the Baltic Fleet and also afterwards in inter-fleet exercises under

the direction of the Russian Navy’s commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean Sea.
The Admiral Grigorovich class is the latest class of frigates ordered by the Russian Navy for the Black
Sea Fleet. Six ships (two batches of three ships) have been ordered so far to be built by the Yantar
shipyard in Kaliningrad.

The ships are armed as follows: 100 mm A-190 Arsenal naval gun, UKSK VLS cells for Kalibr, Oniks
and Zircon, Shtil-1 VLS cells, 2 AK-630 CIWS, 533 mm torpedo tubes and RBU-6000 rocket launcher.

  • Sobol class patrol boat
  • Firing missile system S-300PMU